Dog Stream Waterfall Track

Where: Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

What’s involved: From the car park at the end of McIntyre road this 2.5 hour hike involves a steady climb through beech forest to the 41 metre-high Dog Stream waterfall.

The Hike: This hikes traverses 2.4km of winding and moderately steep climbing from the top of McIntyres Road (accessed off Jollies Pass Road) through dense woodland. The walk is a gradual climb which includes boardwalks, crossing streams and some staircases until you reach the waterfall. At points the ridge is narrow and consists of loose scree so walkers should proceed with caution particularly those with young children.

The Verdict: A nice easy trapse up through the forest. There are nice views throughout and the waterfall is a perfect place to stop for lunch. From here you can continue up to the Mt Isobel summit (see information on this hike here). When we completed the hike McIntyre’s Road was closed due to fire risk which meant we had to make a 3km walk from the main road until we reached the base of the Dog Stream Track.

Grunt Factor: 3/10

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