Putaruru Blue Springs

Where: Putaruru, South Waikato, New Zealand

What’s involved: A 4.7km loop around the Putaruru Blue Spring. Here the water is incredibly clear and takes 100 years to filter from the Mamaku Plateau, supplying over half of New Zealand’s bottled water. There is a beautiful walk along boardwalks that brings you by the crystal clear water, wetlands, forests and small waterfalls.

The length of the walk varies depending on where you start from:

  • From Whites Road car park to the Blue Springs will take 1.5 hours one way or 3 hours return
  • From the Leslie Road car park it takes 15 minutes to reach the Blue Springs, however you can continue down the trail towards Whites Road car park for as far as you like

The Walk: We started at Leslie Road, walked to the Blue Spring and then continued along the boardwalk for about an hour. It’s an easy level walk across boardwalks that has very few steps or steep inclines. Most of the scenic views are at the Leslie Road end and towards the middle of the walk so we didn’t complete the entire loop.

The Verdict: This walk was absolutely beautiful. The water is so clear and the scenery around the Blue Springs is incredible. The one downside is that there this is a hugely popular location given how easy the walk is. As the walkway is narrow it was slow in parts trying to move along. The further you walk towards Whites Road car park however the more the crowd disapates.

Grunt Factor: 1/10

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